SAPS Randburg Patrol Van Sector 1: 071 675 7115/6
SAPS 10111

Emergency Numbers

Cell Emergency: 112
Joburg Water sms: 0826532143
City Power risk control: 011 490 7553
City Power: 086 0562874
Ambulance/ Fire Department: 10177 or 999 (cell)
ER 24: 084 124
Netcare 911: 082 911
Poison:  080033444
Childline: 0800055555
Drug/Substance Abuse: 0117880717
Stolen Phone:
 : 083 1808
 Vodacom: 082 111


Milpark011 4805600
Joburg General: 011 4884911
Parklane 011 4804000
Mediclinic Sandton: 011 209 2000
Helen Joseph: 0114891011
Baragwanath: 011933800

Service delivery

Service delivery should be logged through the available City of Johannesburg services platforms. If you are a paying BNCF member, we can keep track of these faults through reference numbers and follow up with our 102 Ward councilor for escalations. There are many ways to log a fault, but here are the tried-and-tested ways that have proven to be most effective:

Joburg Water – Email with location of the fault (street address or street intersections) and include nature of fault if applicable (e.g. sewer or fresh water etc.). Twitter: @JHBWater

City Power – Log onto from a mobile or PC. Twitter: @CityPowerJHB

Pikitup – Call 0860JOBURG – Option 4 (for clearing up illegal dumping or requests for new bins etc.). Twitter: @CleanerJoburg

City Parks – Call 0860JOBURG – Option 0 (for grass cutting in parks, fixing signs etc.). Twitter: @JoburgParksZoo

Joburg Roads Agency – Email with location of the fault and nature of fault, e.g.. potholes, street signs knocked over etc. Be sure to include a picture, as plain text emails may automatically go to their spam folder. Twitter: @MyJRA

In each of these cases, you will be given a reference number. If logging via email, you should receive an email response with a reference number. We have experienced good turn-around times for City Power and JRA for fixing potholes. For leaking pipes that adjoin a road, JW is quick to dig up part of the road and fix the leak; however, due to slow internal City processes, it takes a long time for JRA to return to the site to re-tar the road. BNCF keeps track of these cases and escalates constantly with the ward councilor. Sometimes, these cases may take months to resolve. A good resource in this case is the Look & Log website.

You can also check the Twitter handles for more information on faults within your area: @CityofJoburgZA.

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