Service Delivery in the Suburb

Service delivery should be logged through the available City of Johannesburg services platforms. If you are a paying BNCF member, we can keep track of these faults through reference numbers and follow up with our 102 Ward councilor for escalations. There are many ways to log a fault, but here are the tried-and-tested ways that have prov-
en to be most effective:

Joburg Water – Email with location of the fault (street address or street intersections) and include nature of fault if applicable (e.g. sewer or fresh water etc.). Twitter: @JHBWater

City Power – Log onto from a mobile or PC. Twitter: @CityPowerJHB

Pikitup – Call 0860JOBURG – Option 4 (for clearing up illegal dumping or requests for new bins etc.). Twitter: @CleanerJoburg

City Parks – Call 0860JOBURG – Option 0 (for grass cutting in parks, fixing signs etc.). Twitter: @JoburgParksZoo

Joburg Roads Agency – Email with location of the fault and nature of fault, e.g.. potholes, street signs knocked over etc. Be sure to include a picture, as plain text emails may automatically go to their spam folder. Twitter: @MyJRA

In each of these cases, you will be given a reference number. If logging via email, you should receive an email response with a reference number. We have experienced good turn-around times for City Power and JRA for fixing potholes. For leaking pipes that adjoin a road, JW is quick to dig up part of the road and fix the leak; however, due to slow internal City processes, it takes a long time for JRA to return to the site to re-tar the road. BNCF keeps track of these cases and escalates constantly with the ward councilor. Sometimes, these cases may take months to resolve.

You can also check the Twitter handles for more information on faults within your area: @CityofJoburgZA.

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