Scam targeting elderly

Message from Adrian Naidoo Ward 102: Please be advised that multiple elderly Blairgowrie/Bordeaux residents have recently been targeted by a scam.

A man (Jonathan le Roux) calls to say *he is from the Municipality & is able to save them money on their municipal bill each month.* This will require a switch to a special *new meter* in their home.

He requests information such as their age & address (no bank details) and says his consultants will contact the residents immediately & come to change out their meter.

The consultant’s name varies (Natasha van Rensburg / Marc du Plooy / Patell Packer / Carl / Sipho). Once the resident shows interest they arrive at the house with paperwork & request payment upfront. They then say technicians will come & install the meter – this either does not happen, or a fake meter is installed.

*Please contact all elderly neighbours with this warning immediately.* Several incidents have been reported this week.

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