Beautifying View Road strip: Phase 1

On 23 September 2016, BNCF and Eskom teamed up to celebrate Arbour Month on the View Road strip outside the Craighall substation in Bordeaux, Randburg.

The team planted 10 trees along the View Road strip outside the substation as phase 1 of a solution to prevent illegal dumping on the strip.

This undeveloped piece of land acts as servitude for the substation, and has therefore been a target of illegal dumpers for the last two years or so. Unmarked trucks drop an illegal load of building rubble within seconds and drive off without looking back. Despite photographing these trucks in action, it has been difficult to hold them accountable. The community managed to catch a dumper by alerting JMPD in time to catch them red-handed on a return load some months ago (credit to resident Robyn Muller). Illegal dumping has been a huge problem in many parts of Johannesburg and it sometimes takes months for city services to clear up the mess – a prolonged eyesore for the community.

With the continued support of Ward 102 Councillor, David Potter, BNCF engaged with Vuyokazi Buckland from Eskom and other city services to tackle this problem for a more sustainable and permanent solution. BNCF proposed a split-pole fencing solution, which includes the planting of trees along the strip and installing pedestrian paving. We are told that the split-pole fencing is currently under procurement and we should see phase 2 kick in soon.

Our very own BNCF chairperson, Shanaaz Bailey was supported by residents living nearby: Samantha Clarke, Robyn Muller and Jessie Yen on the day of the tree-planting. Thanks to Samantha for driving this project for BNCF. We would also like to thank Vuyokazi Buckland and her incredible team at Eskom for their support and enthusiasm. Further thanks are extended to the Department of Agriculture and Forestry for the donation of the 10 trees. Lastly, thanks to Pikitup for persistence and patience in clearing the rubble.

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