Issues in our suburb

On 27 July, the BNCF met with the City of Johannesburg and relevant stakeholders to address issues facing the suburb. Stakeholders included SAPS, JMPD, City Parks/ City Parks Rangers, City Power, Region B representative, Ward Councillor, EMS and PikitUP.

Issues discussed included:
– Illegal mechanics
– Illegal street traders (Bordeaux Drive)
– Illegal taxi holdings (Bordeaux Drive)
– Night clubs (Compliance and noise pollution)
– Displaced people occupying the Spruit
– Illegal dumping / littering
– Crime hotspots at Hilltop/Noreen, Makro Lane & Pretoria Ave, William Nicol & Main
– Bordeaux North park (the Burial Society gatherings)

The JMPD will continue removing illegal mechanics when their activities are reported.

In terms of the illegal street traders/food stalls, the JMPD will check the validity of their licences, which are suspected to have been obtained fraudulently. The BNCF Chairperson pointed out that the food stalls are in a residential area with no ablution facilities, posing a health risk to residents. Since this is an environmental issue, the Urban Inspector will raise this with Environmental Affairs.

The JMPD and SAPS are planning a joint operation to deal with the illegal taxi holdings in Bordeaux Drive. Unfortunately the existing taxi rank is too small to accommodate the number of taxis in the area, but discussions are underway to increase its size, keeping in mind the new housing developments taking place in Randburg.

A joint operation is planned between JMPD, SAPS, and Environmental Health, to deal with the night club issue. The BNCF Chairperson suggested that the Liquor Board representative be there as well, as these nightclubs are in contravention of their liquor licenses.

City Parks, Pikitup, JMPD and SAPS worked together August to clean up the Spruit and remove the displaced people living along it. Pikitup and City Parks/City Power will work together on an ongoing basis to deal with the issue of illegal dumping and littering.

The problem with the Burial Society gatherings at the Bordeaux North Park is a difficult one, as they gather at the beginning of the month, but City Parks does not have the manpower to police the park on a regular basis. They need the assistance of the JMPD. This will be an ongoing task.

Noreen Avenue clean-up

Noreen Avenue clean-up

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